Animal Welfare Links

    Please Note: I am NOT an advocate for Animal Rights. I think that those that use the term "activist" take things too far. I do, however, believe in Animal Welfare. Some of the links I have included on this page link to other sites. I do not want to exclude these pages for having animal rights links as they have other great links as well. Know that I am not trying to promote these animal rights activists.
    The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. This page has a lot of educational information on the humane treatment of animals and other organizations that contribute to the same. Memberships, events, services and adoptions are available here.
Animal Welfare Council
    They provide an excellent article on the differences between animal welfare vs animal rights. Also includes their history, purpose and priorites. Becoming a member, news and more.
The Feral Cat Coalition
    A great site that describes in detail the many ways of dealing with feral cats in San Diego, CA. Why not use some of the information to help deal with feral cats in your own community. Good work San Diego!
The Cat House - Feline Conservation Center
    The Feline Conservation Center is part of a worldwide network of zoos and facilities dedicated to the preservation of endangered cats. A non-profit organization.
The World Wildlife Fund
    A plethora of information on wildlife conservation. Incredible photos, WWF news, how you can help, educational information and more.
Breed Rescue Organizations
    Yahoo search engine results. Cat, dog, horse, ferret, rabbits, marine mammals and wildlife rescue organizations.
Mercy Crusade Inc.
    This is a massive of Mercy's links to other rescue organizations. The rest of their site has a lot to offer too.
Cat Fanciers - Animal Welfare Feline Rescue, and Shelters
    Breed specific rescue projects, population and legislative issues and trap, alter and release programs for feral cats. Click the link at the bottom of the page to find a huge compilation of rescue organizations, most for cats.
American Humane Association
    Cruelty statutes, upcoming events, job opportunities, membership and some good emergency rescue information.
The Doris Day Animal League
    A wonderful organization involved in the welfare of animals. Publications, legislation, action letters, membership and more.
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
    The largest organization in the US for abused and abandoned animals (mostly cats and dogs). They are aiming for all no-kill shelters and explain their philosophy and plan. Wow. Lotsa stories and such here.
Born Free Foundation
    Involved in animal conservation. News, projects, education, getting involved, photos, competitions, things to buy and more.
Alley Cat Allies
    Another site chock full of information on how to help feral cats. This is a subject close to my heart, so see what you can learn and maybe implement in your own community.
Hugs for Homeless Animals
    A beautiful site promoting the adoption and comfort of homeless animals. A worldwide shelter directory for over 35 countries, a message board and chat room, a kids corner and a lot more. Start knitting your snuggle blanket today!